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THE KELSEY COAN BAND is an Awesome, ALL NEW Original Band that is made up of Amazingly Talented & Seasoned Musicians who are Stepping It Up with their Original Music along with some popular covers too!
They are definitely Bringing a New Twist to the World of Country Rock.
The Kelsey Coan Band has a Professional, Unique, Crisp, Clean Sound with a Rock Edge!
They ARE Country-Rock at its Best!



Kelsey Coan - Lead Singer

Kelsey's passion for music is evident in every word she sings, as she pours her heart and soul into each performance. She strives to convey emotions through her lyrics, creating a connection with her audience that makes them feel like they are part of the experience. Music has been a constant in Kelsey's life since the age of five, and it remains an integral part of her identity. Her lyrics serve as a reflection of her journey and aspirations, inspiring others to chase their dreams regardless of any challenges they may face.

Steve Parker - Lead Guitar 

Hailing from out of the UK from just South East of London I began playing guitar many years ago, Travelling to the USA in 1994 I joined up with the Cover Band "Shrunken Head".  We had a very unique sound and knew we had to deliver every time we played like it was our last show, that was our attitude.  Moving back to the UK in 1997 for a few years was phase two of the musical journey where we put together a band playing a newer music set that was trending at that time.  This band by the name of "Fuse" was hired in 2000 as part of the BBC Millenium series to play an outside show in Gravesend Kent. ( It rained ) but then that's not a surprise for the UK.  We still went ahead and rocked that stage as expected.  Then in 2005 returned to the music scene in the USA by joining as the original guitarist for a South Jerseys Local band "Wits End". This version of the band made a lasting impression still to this day to the area by way of reaching the WMGK 102.9 Battle of the Bands Final.  The band dissolved shortly afterwards and then continued with different members. The journey continued down a slightly different path by way of building guitars and playing with different local bands over the more recent years.
It is an honor to have been invited and to perform alongside Kelsey Coan and her band for future shows. We are all going to have a great time and put your dancing shoes on, see you all at the shows! 

Steve - Gutarist.jpg

Mike Hammill - Drummer

Mike - Drummer.jpg

I was banging on pots and pans from the time I could hold spoons at the young age of two.  My parents did not have much money when I was child so I was pretty inventive. I used old hockey sticks for a drum rack, cool whip containers for tom’s and a small metal trash can upside down with nails taped across the top for a snare effect.  I had a friend give me sheet metal to make the cymbals. The neighborhood kids called me “The cool whip Kid“!  I’ve played in several rock and RnB bands through the years.  My influences were John Bonham, Steve Smith, and Buddy Rich.  Today I also enjoy Shannon, Larkin, and Todd Sucherman.  I have always had a passion for music and drumming my whole life.  It is my honor to be the drummer for  Kelsey Coan!

Angelo Palmieri - Bassist

I started playing guitar when I was 12 years old playing in many Rock N Roll, Blues, Country and Rhythm and Blues bands over the years. 
As a professional musician with over 15 years of experience playing the bass guitar, I am well-versed in multiple musical styles including slapping technique and diverse genre proficiency. Currently, I am eager to collaborate with singer-songwriter Kelsey Coan who has an exceptional talent in music creation.

Angelo - Bass.jpg
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